This weekend the YSS riders raced in the CIV, Italian ​​Championship in Misano with greats results

In the Misano race week-end, the YSS riders were absolute protagonists, dominating Superbike and Supersport 300 (Victories and podiums) and reaching the Pole position and podium in SupersportNG.

** SSP300 **
Qualifying: P.1 Vannucci (Yamaha) – P.2 Ieraci (Kawasaki)
Race 1:  P.1 Ieraci (Kawasaki) – P.2 Ercolani (Yamaha) – P.3 Vannucci (Yamaha)
Race 2:  P.1 Ieraci (Kawasaki) – P.3 Vannucci (Yamaha)

** SSPNG **
Qualifying: P.1 Ferrari (Ducati)
Race 2: P.3 Ferrari (Ducati)

** SBK  **
Qualifying: P.2 Pirro (Ducati)
Race 1: P.1 Zanetti (Ducati) – P3 Saltarelli (Honda)
Race 2: P.1 Pirro (Ducati) – P3 Zanaetti (Ducati)